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8 Benefits of Using a Construction Estimating Software for your Construction Projects

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The construction industry is booming, and not just because of the current housing market. Construction work will always be necessary for some building or renovation project, no matter what economic conditions.

As an owner or contractor in this field, you know that there are many challenges to overcome when estimating costs and starting your projects on time. But if you use a construction estimating software program like CostCertified, you can make your job much easier. Here’s why:


One of the most important benefits of using an estimating software program is that it can help you gain accuracy. Doing this without modern technology would be nearly impossible because estimates are very complicated and require careful research.

Many factors determine costs for construction projects, including time, materials, equipment and labour. Consequently, it’s difficult for someone to do all of the necessary calculations and consider every detail about their jobs. But a software program can make it easy for you to research costs and apply them accurately to your estimates.


When you use construction estimating software, you will come across as professional and reliable at job sites. Any contractor not using the latest technology in their business is considered behind the times, but someone who uses it can give clients peace of mind.

Plus, it makes your estimates look even more attractive because you’re offering up-to-date information. Businesses and individuals want to hire someone looking out for their best interests, and modern technology is one of the best ways to do this.


By using construction estimating software consistently, you will come up with some pretty accurate estimates. This is because the program can make it easy for you to refer back to past projects and see how long they took and what materials were used on them.

To set a price for a job, most contractors have to research time, equipment and material costs. If you’ve already done this homework for previous projects, you can use that information as a guide to determining your current bids.


You’ll be amazed at how much time you save by using construction estimating software. You won’t have to go out and research costs because the program has already done that for you. And since it often includes standard fees, your bids will be based on ready-to-use information instead of having to crunch numbers yourself every time.

This can make it much easier to estimate costs in a hurry when clients want bids on their work. Since construction estimating software is so convenient, you’ll be able to complete more jobs and make more money than before you had this technology.


In today’s competitive business world, being efficient means being successful. And if you use construction estimating software to help you estimate costs for projects, your efficiency will increase.

In many cases, these programs can provide estimators with a total project cost just minutes after the research is finished. If bids are needed quickly, then this kind of technology is crucial.

Better Project Management

Many construction business owners struggle with project management, and it can result in lost time and money. If you’re not organized, the costs of change orders, re-estimates and failed jobs can be enormous.

You might lose customers as a result or even go out of business. While technology cannot solve every productivity issue that construction companies face, it can revamp your project management plan in a hurry. With accurate estimates and bids, you will have a better idea of what projects will cost before they even start.


Construction estimating software can also be used to speed up your construction business, and that’s what everyone wants. Companies typically contract out their work because they think the person they hire will complete it in less time than if they did it themselves.

If that’s done with construction estimating software, then you’ll be able to come up with accurate bids in minutes instead of hours or days. This kind of speed can translate into more money and potentially more critical jobs if you’re able to give your clients the fast turnaround they expect.


Construction estimating software can also make your procurement process more straightforward. With it, you’ll be able to spend less time researching prices and more time on the bids themselves.

And once you’re done writing up your estimates or requests for proposals (RFPs), the program will be able to print them out automatically. This makes delivery quick and easy, and it can be a real-time-saver in today’s competitive economy.

Construction estimating software is the most effective way to streamline your construction projects. You’ll save time, money, and resources by using one of these programs for everything from estimates to procurement management.

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