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4 common uses for excavators that may surprise you

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Excavator machines are most commonly known for digging trenches or moving earth, but there’s many more tasks that you can use this handy piece of equipment for.

They typically come with a bucket, boom, dipper, and cab, however there are a number of attachments you can add so that your excavator is more suited for a specific type of job.

Excavators can be used on construction sites, as well as for open-pit mining and in areas where road works are taking place. If pipes of a significant size are being laid, then chances are, an excavator will be the best man for the job.

Whether you’re new to the construction industry or are simply wondering how to make the most out of your excavator, here are 4 common uses that prove that excavators aren’t just a one-trick pony.

Land Clearing

Land clearing may be required before new houses and roads can be built, and this is a job that requires the right equipment. When a large volume of land cleaning or a lot of power is required, this is where excavators really shine.

If you’re searching for some high quality, industry standard earth moving equipment for hire, then take a look at Total Plant Hire. They offer an extensive range of regularly serviced late model excavators along with any additional accessories that you may require.

Each piece of machinery has been given a comprehensive service and full safety check by the mechanical team before being sent out, so you can feel confident that you won’t have any onsite breakdowns.


The less technical name for an excavator is a digger, so it’s no surprise that this is what they’re most commonly known for. You can dig trenches, holes or foundations with an excavator with the size of the machine determining how much depth and power you have.

Excavators are ideal for construction projects, mining, and landscaping, and is a much more time efficient job than using other methods of digging.


The demolition of old structures is one of the most dangerous jobs in the construction industry, and should only be done with the right equipment and training for the job. To help get the job done as successfully as possible, there are excavators that have been specifically designed for demolishing old buildings.

These are heavy pieces of machinery which can withstand falling materials and dust, and contain a detachable bucket that can be replaced with other tools that you might need for the job.

Heavy Lifting

You may be surprised to hear that excavators can be used for heavy lifting, but it’s a job that suits them well. Excavators are able to move heavy loads in a wide range of different materials, saving you valuable time, energy and money.

Just make sure that you take notice of your excavator’s lift capacity chart before attempting to lift any seriously heavy loads, in order to prevent the machinery from tipping over.

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