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List of ongoing road construction projects in Kenya

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Kenya continues to construct roads across the country to bolster connectivity. Kenya National Highway Authority is responsible for tendering of these projects. Here now is the list of ongoing road construction projects in Kenya:

2 CONTRACT NO. KeNHA / RD / EPC / 2074/2017 Construction of Nairobi Western Bypass Ongoing
3 Contract No: KeNHA/1469/2016 Construction of Kibwezi – Kitui – Migwani Road Ongoing
4 KeNHA/D&C/RD/1964/2016 Mombasa – Kwa Jomvu (A109) Ongoing
5 CONTRACT No. KeNHA/RD/SP/1588/2015 MPARD: Package 1 Miritini – Kipevu Ongoing
6 KeNHA/RD/DD/2807/2019 MPARD Package 2: Construction of Mwache Junction – Tsunza – Mteza Ongoing
7 CONTRACT No. KeNHA/RD/DD/2558/2018 MPARD Package 3: Construction of Mteza – Kibundani Section Ongoing
8 KeNHA/RD/SP/1967/2016 Kainuk Bridge Ongoing
9 Nairobi Expressway Ongoing
10 KeNHA/RD/SP/2093/2016 Loichangamatak – Lodwar (A1) Ongoing
11 KeNHA/RD/SP/2210/2017 Lodwar – Lokitaung Junction (A1) Ongoing
12 KeNHA/RD/SP/2213/2017 Lokitaung – Kalobeyei (A1) Ongoing
13 KeNHA/RD/SP/2211 Kalobeiyei – Nakodok Ongoing
14 KeNHA/RD/D&C/2118/2017 Ahero – Kisii Ongoing
15 KeNHA/RD/D&C/2138/2017 Kisii – Isebania (A1) Ongoing
16 KeNHA/RD/D&C/668/2012 Chiakariga – Meru (C92) Ongoing
17 KeNHA/RD/D&C/1992/2016 Garsen – Witu – Lamu Ongoing
18 KENHA/RD/D&C/2253/2017 Ruiru – Githunguri – Uplands Road (C560) Ongoing
19 KeNHA/RD/M/2032/2016 Stage Construction of Nyaru – Iten Road Ongoing
20 CONTRACT No. KeNHA/RD/M/2241/2017 Stage Construction of Ugunja – Ukwala – Ruambwa Ongoing
21 CONTRACT NO: KeNHA/RD/M/2243/2017 Stage Construction of Mau Narok – Kisiriri Road Ongoing
22 CONTRACT NO: KeNHA/RD/M/2008/2016 Stage Construction of Busia – Malaba Road Ongoing
23 Contract No KeNHA/RD/M/2242/2017 Construction of Naibor – Posta (Maralal) Road Ongoing
24 CONTRACT NO: KeNHA/RD/M/2006/2016 Stage Construction and maintenance of Narok – Sekenani Road Ongoing
25 KeNHA/SP/2013/2017 James Gichuru – Rironi Ongoing
26 KeNHA/RD/SP/171/2010 Kisumu – Kakamega Ongoing
27 KeNHA/RD/SP/1973/2016 Kakamega – Webuye (New contract) Ongoing
28 KeNHA/RD/SP/1912/2016 Kisumu Boys – Mamboleo Jn (A1/C34) Ongoing
29 KeNHA/RD/D/2514/2018 Magongo Road Ongoing
30 KeNHA/RD/DD/2788/2019 Lamu Port Access Road Ongoing
31 KeNHA/RD/CS/SP/1976/2016 Athi River – Machakos Turn off Phase 1 Ongoing
32 KeNHA/RD/SP/1925/2016 Ahero: B1/A1 Interchange Ongoing
33 KeNHA/RD/SP/1926/2016 B1/C23 Interchange at Kericho Ongoing
34 KeNHA/HP&D/2540/2018 Construction of Marigat Bridge Ongoing
35 KeNHA/HP&D/2041/2018 Construction of Endau Bridge Ongoing
36 KeNHA/HP&D/2499/2018 Construction of Lomut Bridge Ongoing
37 KeNHA/HP&D/2545/2018 Construction of WeiWei Bridge Ongoing
38 KeNHA/RD/D&C/458/2011 Loruk – Nginyang – Barpelo (B4) Road Ongoing
39 KeNHA/RD/D&C/1727/2015 Nuno- Modogashe Ongoing
40 KeNHA/D&C/RD/2308/2017 Eldoret Town Bypass Ongoing

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