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Baringo-Silali geothermal project in Kenya gets news impetus

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Geothermal Development Company (GDC) team has commenced the process of moving a second GDC-owned rig from the Menengai Geothermal Project in Nakuru County to the Baringo-Silali Geothermal Project, in Baringo County.

The Drilling and Infrastructure Division is moving the rig christened Kifaru 1 by road to the Korosi Well 2 site in the Baringo-Silali Geothermal Project. The rig move procedure will take about 45 days to complete. The transfer of Kifaru 2 to Korosi now brings the total number of geothermal drilling rigs in the North Rift Region to two.

The first rig in the region, Kifaru 1, has completed drilling three geothermal exploration wells at Paka and is currently at the Korosi Well 1 site. The deployment of the two rigs is expected to speed up the ongoing exploration drilling activities at the Baringo-Silali Geothermal Project.

The Baringo-Silali Block has an estimated potential of 3,000MW which will be developed in phases. The first phase will develop 300MW -100MW each from the Paka, Korosi, and Silali Prospects.

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