Top electrical wires and cables manufacturers in Kenya


Cable and wire are very closely related, as cable is simply a structure of multiple wires. Both can be used for a variety of applications, from power and data transmission to structural and control uses, depending on their materials and structure. These are the top wires and cables manufacturers in Kenya:

East African cables

East African Cables is one of the premier cable manufacturers in Kenya, with a footprint that spreads across East and Central Africa. The company has four manufacturing facilities; two in Nairobi, Kenya, one in Dar es Salaam Tanzania and one in Eastern DRC. In addition, EAC is present in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Southern Sudan and Ethiopia, through a distribution network.

Coast Cables

Founded in 1978 as a manufacturer of super enameled copper winding wire, Coast Cables is a fully-fledged cable production plant operating on a large scale with over 35 years of presence in the industry. We are committed to our strict principles focusing on producing safe & high-quality cables, meeting customer satisfaction and catering for countrywide connectivity demand.


Kenwest is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of PVC electrical insulated wiring cables and aluminum conductors flexible cords since 1974 . We have been in operation for well over 40 years, serving domestic, commercial, public utilities and industrial users both locally and regionally.

Our modern production plant is conveniently located at the
heart of Nairobi’s Industrial Area. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for quality and personalized service.

Metsec Cables

Metsec manufactures and distributes a wide range of cables and systems for the transmission and distribution of power.The company supplies underground power transmission cables and systems, power distribution cables and systems and network components for a wide range of applications within the utilities industry. The Company is part of the Doshi Group of Companies.

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