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Top construction companies in Mozambique

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Although small and underdeveloped by global standards, the Mozambican construction industry plays a pivotal role in all sectors of the local economy and is one of the main drivers of socio-economic development and job creation.

We look at the top construction companies in Mozambique:

Tayanna Mozambique

Tayanna is one of the Top construction companies in Mozambique. The company started its operation in 1994 when it secured its first project to work on the Tete Urban Water Supply, funded by Danida.

Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, completing vast projects in Mozambique. It was registered in 2009. Tayanna remains a Civil and mining contractor of choice in Mozambique.

The company boasts of a solid reputation for delivering complex projects in challenging environments. their biggest contract to date is SYRAH, where Tayanna Mozambique was nominated the Mining Contractor on the largest Graphite Mine in the World. SYRAH is also their largest value contract, set at over US$ 36 Million.

Deco Construction Lda

Founded in 2001, Deco is a company that designs and creates luxury residential buildings around the globe.

Its vast portfolio includes Deco Residence located ate the center of Maputo and Deco Assos, a luxury condominium along the Indian Ocean, on the beach of the Costa do Sol, seven kilometres from Maputo, which prioritises prime location, architecture and exceptional design, comfort, abundant green spaces, security based on cutting-edge technology, sustainability and countless leisure options.

With more than 500 employees distributed through Deco Construction, Stone, Geotechnic and Real Estate, DECO Group is active in countries such as Turkey, Mozambique and the UK, while its human resources are a young, dynamic, innovative, multidiscipline and multicultural team, from a host of countries, but with a common vision: high quality standards.

NCC Moçambique Lda

NCC Mozambique Lda is one of the leading construction companies in Mozambique.The company specialises in the construction of new and upgrading of existing roads, building projects, bridge construction, pipe laying, dams and reservoirs. NCC Mozambique Lda has undertaken in recent years contract works such as Goba Bridge, Nampula Roads, Zambezia Roads, Gaza Roads, Cabo Delgado Roads, and road maintenance in Maputo.

NCC Mozambique Lda has a 49% shareholding by Inyatsi Construction Group Holdings in Swaziland, and a 51% shareholding by Mozambican nationals. The Group has operations in Zambia, South Africa, Swaziland and Uganda.

CRBS Mozambique

CRBS Mozambique’s acronym is derived from its full name, Companhia de Construções do Rio dos Bons Sinais, E.I.

CRBS was founded by Mozambican born Paulo S. Cruz, who started his career in the construction industry in South Africa, first as a Quantity Surveyor and later evolving in to project management, specialising in general building and civil work.

After a successful career in South Africa spanning over 15 years, Paulo saw the need for a professional and reliable contractor in Mozambique and decided to take up the challenge by creating a construction and building maintenance company. This was the beginning of CRBS, which is based in Tete, Mozambique.

Today CRBS is  a much sort after local contractor by mostly large international firms seeking to do work in central and northern Mozambique. Despite adopting the unofficial motto “small but dynamic”, CRBS can proudly lay claim to working for the likes of Hitachi Construction Machinery, EQSTRA, Total Fuels, Barloworld/Catterpillar Construction Equipment, WBHO, Kentz, Liebherr Cranes, NJR Steel, etc.

CRBS Mozambique undertakes a wide variety of construction and maintenance work, and although it prefers to concentrate its activities to the central and northern part of the country, they will (and have) undertaken work across Mozambique, including the capital Maputo.

Cmc Africa Austral, Lda

The Company was founded at the end of 2000 by Cmc that has been operating in Mozambique since 1982 when the Cooperative began the construction of the Pequenos Libombos Dam, for the water supply of Maputo. Cmc transferred to Cmc Africa Austral Lda all industrial areas, plant and equipment owned in Mozambique. Cmc Africa Austral, Ldais also one of the top construction companies in Mozambique.

Currently Cmc Africa Austral Lda is the largest Mozambican civil contractor with a total workforce of over 3.000 people and a yearly turnover of about 100 million Euro. Over these years Cmc Africa Austral Lda has expanded its activity into other Southern Africa Countries such as Swaziland, the Republic of South Africa, Malawi, Angola and Lesotho.

Nearby civil contracting Cmc Africa Austral Lda operates in complementary sectors such as wood manufacture, production and sale of mix concrete, quarrying, selling and processing of aggregates for civil construction as well as real estate.

Cmc holds a 99% share in Cmc Africa Austral Lda.

CETA – Engenharia e Construção, S.A.

CETA is a civil engineering company headquartered in Maputo. The construction company specialises in the following:Road Signs & Safety, Arbors, Railway line Rehabilitation, Water Supply, Housing & Office Buildings, Warehouses, Hospitals, Schools, Sewerage Network Systems, Ballast Production & Supply, Erosion Protection, Bridges, and Tarred and Untarred Roads.

The indigenous civil engineering and construction company begun its operation in 1980.

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