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High-tech Polish gym installs high-tech flooring

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The Leszek Blanik Gym Hall Innovation and Implementation Centre at the Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport is the most state-of-the-art gymnastics centre in Poland.

Approximately 2,100 m2 of specialist resin systems from Flowcrete was installed at this facility to ensure that the floors throughout the site would provide its users with high performance, long lasting surfaces.

The Leszek Blanik Gym Hall Innovation and Implementation Centre is an investment project made at the highest, world-class level of gymnastics.

The centre hosts the AZS AWFiS Leszek Blanik Academy – a project to promote and develop gymnastics and acrobatics among children, adolescents and adults.

The training team consists of experienced trainers and one of its coordinators is Leszek Blanik, Olympic Champion from Beijing in 2008 and coach of Poland’s male gymnastics team.

In the main gym hall, a seamless Flowshield LXP resin floor in a light grey colour with a blend of blue additives in carefully selected, delicate shades was applied. Flowshield LXP is a smooth and flexible floor which is made using coloured polyurethane resin.

High abrasion resistance of this system makes it perfect for areas with a lot of pedestrian traffic and where the floor will be subjected to impacts, scuffs, scrapes and wear on a daily basis.

The seamless and impervious nature of Flowshield LXP means that it is very easy to keep clean and so helps to maintain a high standard of hygiene. Cleanliness is of particular importance in locations such as this, where intensive physical training takes place.

Fine, colourful particles were incorporated into the floor to give it a decorative, dappled character, creating a subtle background for the mattresses and other training equipment arranged across it.

Olgierd Bojke, Chancellor of Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport, said: “The main gym hall in our facility has a height of 12 metres and on three sides has access to natural sunlight, which ensures optimal conditions for training.

Resin floors in a bright shade reflect the light, which visually enlarges and illuminates the space for exercise. The applied flooring solution perfectly fits into the user-friendly aesthetics of our facility, and at the same time is practical, taking into account the long-term durability and easy maintenance.”

In addition to the main gym hall, resin floors with eye-catching flakes were also utilised in smaller rooms throughout the facility, including an area designed for strength training. The company responsible for the flooring application was the contractor Invest Group Sp. z o.o.


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