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Here is how you can decorate Ceiling Tiles

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w hen trying to give a house a new look, many people forget to decorate ceiling tiles. Yet giving ceiling tiles a new look is also important.

You may decide to replace them if they look too worn out but if you are working on a tight budget, you might just want to decorate them.

This is how you can decorate Ceiling Tiles:


It might seem a simple thing to do, but painting your ceiling tiles can give them a whole new look. You can use , latex paint, gloss paint or even paint that replicates the appearance of metal.


Some people tend to think that wallpapers are only used to decorate walls. Carefully wallpaper each tile according to your home decor and you will be surprised how great your ceiling tiles will look.


Fabric is another great way to decorate your ceiling tiles. Choose lightweight fabric that will compliment your room and then simply remove the ceiling tiles. Carefully remove each tile from the grid and wrap it in a thin, lightweight fabric. Use contrasting colors or patterns, or arrange it in blocks of colors that coordinate with your space.

Use two-sided fabric tape or a spray adhesive to secure the fabric to each tile. Consider applying ribbon or thin strips of fabric to the metal grid as well.

4.Replace the tiles

Finally, if you think your tiles are beyond repair you might replace them altogether.Changing the tiles in your suspended ceiling can give your room an instant update, although it may be more costly than other methods of improving the look of the ceiling.

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