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Exploring the growth of betting in South Africa moving into 2024

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As we move into 2024, South Africa is finding itself in the middle of a betting boom, with wagering activities gaining new levels of popularity across the nation.

Whether traditional betting forms or the more recent surge in the use of online platforms, the gambling landscape is evolving, bringing with it a  changing of cultural norms through the advancement of gambling technology and a shifting regulatory environment.

We’ll examine the factors driving the growing popularity of betting in South Africa in the 2020s.

Digital Advancement

The digital revolution is the driving force behind South Africa’s growing betting landscape over the current decade. With ever-improving internet connectivity and penetration, gamblers in South Africa adopt smartphones as the primary source for their betting experiences. 

With the convenience of this unprecedented mobile access, South Africans now engage with betting at increased levels due to the ease of accessibility and use the option provides. There has been a surge in usage of online casinos and sports betting apps in South Africa, with users placing bets, playing casino games and participating in live events from the comfort of their homes or during work breaks. 

As mobile applications offer user-friendly, seamless gambling experiences, they are instrumental in the growth of gambling in the country, catering to the on-the-go lifestyle of contemporary urban South Africans. With access to sports betting, virtual slots, or live dealer games now at the fingertips of so many, online wagering has increased substantially and will continue to do so in 2024. 

Sport Enthusiasm

Playing and supporting various sports is a massive part of South African culture, and this love of sport is a driving force behind the popularity of betting in the country. Soccer, rugby, and cricket, especially, hold special spots in the nation’s hearts. Betting on outcomes has naturally developed into an extension of the sport itself. 

A growing influx of South African sporting enthusiasts are developing their sports passion into a more interactive experience through sports betting. Major local and international sporting events captivate the nation’s citizens, and betting on the outcomes and individual performances has become an integral part of the spectator experience. 

The avidly supported Premier Soccer League (PSL) joins global tournaments like the Rugby and Cricket World Cups in creating betting frenzies while they’re on the go. The intersection of sports and betting has created a South African subculture where fans analyse odds, predict outcomes and compete against each other to enhance their enjoyment of the overall sports experience.

Economic Impact

The South African economy has benefitted through the past decade’s substantial growth in the betting industry. In the 2020s especially, more jobs, tourism and revenue creation have resulted. The development of entertainment complexes utilising renewable energy has boosted the hospitality sector in South Africa, attracting tourists to the casinos and creating employment opportunities for local citizens. 

The upsurge in online betting has expanded the market as we move into 2024 while also creating new avenues for economic growth. The rise of digital platforms boosts the economy through innovative technological development, tech sector employment growth, and increases in Government tax revenue. This economic symbiosis underscores the betting industry’s role as a significant contributor to South Africa’s economy.

Regulatory Framework

South Africa’s regulatory framework governing gambling has adapted to the evolving betting landscape in the country. The existing legal structures allow for several forms of betting – in recent years, regulatory bodies have intensified their efforts to ensure responsible gambling practices exist in the nation. 

The National Responsible Gambling Program (NRGP) and each Provincial gambling board play pivotal roles in actively promoting responsible betting behaviour by protecting consumers and addressing potential gambling addiction-related issues. The 2020s have witnessed a more nuanced approach to regulation, focussing more on balancing consumer protection with industry growth. 

Regulations are in place in South Africa to prevent underage gambling, ensure fair play, and incorporate responsible advertising practices. These underscore the commitment to creating a betting environment that is secure and ethical.


Betting in South Africa is rapidly growing, with this rapid growth bringing its own sets of challenges for authorities. A primary challenge they face is within the realm of responsible gambling. The convenience of online platforms poses potential risks of financial harm and addiction to their users, and the further betting growth anticipated in 2024 will increase these risks.

Furthermore, these risks intensify when the enticing betting promotions and bonuses that online sportsbooks offer get added. In response, the industry has embraced technological innovation to meet these challenges head-on. 

The betting industry in South Africa now employs advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence that can identify and assist individuals displaying signs of problematic gambling behaviour. Integrating responsible gambling tools, including self-exclusion programs and reality checks, within online platforms is becoming a standard practice. 

2024 will witness an ongoing industry-wide commitment in South Africa to harnessing technology to improve user experiences for the betterment of the user experience and restricting the chances of negative gambling consequences.

In Closing

The advent of 2024 sees South Africa amid a betting boom that began at the turn of the decade.  As the decade progresses, we will see further evolution in the ways and ease with which South Africans can place bets, which will encourage further sector growth. 

The synergy between regulatory bodies, industry stakeholders, and technological innovation must shape a future betting landscape that remains popular while being sustainable and ethical. As we navigate 2024, South Africa will continue to witness the transformative power of betting as it becomes even more integral to the nation’s economic landscape and the social fabric of its people.

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