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steinexpo 2023:The countdown begins

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The six years separating the last steinexpo and the start of this year’s fair were nothing but unusual. This interruption was far too long for all participants and fans.

This hiatus has raised the expectations for this very special quarry demonstration fair – a unique event on the European mainland – to a high level. And that is understandable. Because it is clear from the current data of registrations as well as online tickets sold that steinexpo 2023 will meet all expectations.

In only a few weeks, renowned partners from the key sectors of the raw materials and building materials industry will present their latest developments live and hands-on at steinexpo 2023. 300 exhibitors with about 440 brands will showcase themselves on around 180,000 m². International participation continues to remain high at 25% and promises to live up to the claim of increasing internationalisation.

Unlocking the true character of the fair

Before the trade fair officially starts, the organising team have to spend about 380 days planning, 340 hours setting up and about 200 hours servicing the exhibition areas (moving materials, setting up stands, etc.). There is clearly a lot more effort involved than is usual at static trade fairs; participation in the demonstration cycles also demands a great deal of planning by the many well-known brands.

In the run-up to the fair, complete and detailed choreographies are planned and created for convincing and truly practical – and sometimes downright breathtaking – presentations of the construction machinery, attachments and the equipment transported to the fair at great expense.

Six years is a long time in this industry. The machines and plants registered as exhibits have undergone evolutionary changes since then. Drive technology, safety and automation features are geared to current requirements. Ease of maintenance and new, often digital, service tools complement the range.

Overall, this response shows that in contrast to the dwindling general confidence in the economic stability of Germany and Europe, confidence levels in the raw materials industries and in their key importance are maintaining their momentum. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The industry is the silent leader in many sectors. Staying technically up to date should be worthwhile for the players in mining, mineral preparation, refining and processing. steinexpo helps to decipher which machine or plant ultimately is the best match.

Focus on cooperation

Success does not happen by chance. This also applies to a trade fair such as this, which seems to have taken on a life of its own. But it is well known that the greatest virtuosos in their fields make what they have achieved seem easy. However, putting in the often unseen time and hard work behind the scenes never stops. This is done with the support of partnerships. That is why a separate press release with a special focus was dedicated to them.

With regard to the success in the participation of national exhibitors, those responsible for the fair expressly acknowledge the positive aspects resulting from the proven cooperation with organisations and multipliers such as the Federal Association of Mineral Resources, MIRO, the relevant trade associations at the Association of German Machinery and Plant Manufacturing, VDMA, the Association of the Construction Industry, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, VDBUM and the German Demolition Association, DA.

Internationally, the European Aggregates Association, UEPG, and now also IMA Europe provide valuable lateral support. The level of awareness of the fair has continued to grow not only by its own reputation, but also through this support.

Impressive staging and continuing professionalisation

From 9 a.m. on 23 August, new catalysts will liven up the trade fair experience in the MHI quarry at Nieder-Ofleiden on a gross area of approximately 180,000 m² with demonstrations unique to steinexpo on numerous stands in all the exhibition areas.

The increasingly professionalised joint demo of various construction machinery and mobile equipment brands on area A is a special trade fair event with spectator appeal. Demo area B is home to additional construction machinery brands demonstrating their capabilities on an individual basis.

Here you will also find accessories, attachments, tyres, offers from professional wear protection companies and other equipment suppliers. In addition, there is a wide range of specialised as well as universal digital solutions and services for all machine and user segments. Processing technology for mineral materials of all kinds is concentrated in Area C. The demonstrations follow a visitor-friendly, interrelated schedule.

To be at the right place at the right time, it is worth taking a look at the demo information in the trade fair catalogue or in the new steinexpo app. The popular steep lift between area B and C contributes to a smooth and relaxing “round trip” of the exhibition areas.

The “open concept” of the large-capacity tent halls that now house two pavilions again benefits all involved. Situated on areas B and C, the exhibits in the tent are this time more closely aligned with the “main theme” of the area and integrated into the live trade fair environment as best as possible.

This leaves area D, directly adjacent to the main entrance, where associations and other trade fair partners present themselves and where the special show – and at the same time the pay-off line of the fair – “Quarry Vision” provides insights into the future of the industry.

What are the leading topics

What technology can do today, where the journey is heading and where the limits are set in the mining, processing and further refinement of mineral primary and secondary raw materials is shown in condensed form at steinexpo.

It becomes clear that even if designs change, details have an advantageous effect and the drive is different or new and more economical, the basic principles in the process chain for the use of construction machinery and equipment from A to Z remain largely the same.

What has changed – and indeed profoundly – are the possibilities of actuation and control via sensor technology and data evaluation plus feedback on a digital basis. Hard to believe but real: software now cracks even the toughest nuts in this field and opens up additional dormant savings potential.

Also with regard to their own development, those responsible at steinexpo are always thinking anew about the future. An example of this in the new online ticket system for the trade fair or also the intensified use of social media with great effect.

But first of all, there are some “analogue” activities to take care of. So put on sturdy shoes and a helmet! steinexpo is expecting its visitors.

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