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Effective tips for building a cold storage facility

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Cold storage facilities are essential for storing processed food products, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable items. Building a cold storage facility requires planning and a lot of attention.

If your facility does not provide the right temperature, food items might go bad and moldy and medicines may lose their effectiveness.

You can easily buy cold storage facility equipment from the market. You can look for forklifts for sale in Australia and various types of freezers in the market, however, maintaining a cold storage facility requires planning. Here are some effective tips to build a cold storage facility.

1.Keep The Condenser Clean

To maintain the required temperature of the warehouse, it is extremely important to keep the condensers in good shape. If the condensers are not functioning properly, and filters are covered with dust, the temperature in the cold storage may increase.

You should inspect the condensers regularly and keep them clean to improve their performance.

2.Use The Right Kind Of Door

Doors of the cold storage facility are the only entry and exit points from where heat can travel inside. If the doors are not made specifically for the cold storage facility, or their insulation has been compromised, it can seriously damage the items stored inside.

The doors you choose should be exclusively made to maintain the temperature of the room inside. For example, choosing heavy doors made with metal might be a better choice than wooden doors. Also, make sure that they are properly insulated and that there is no hole or creek from where heat can go inside the room.

3.Maintain The Desired Temperature

Cold storage facilities should always be maintained at the desired temperature. Some food items require a temperature below the freezing point of water so that they remain frozen until delivered to the customers. Any temperature higher can melt the products and decrease their perishability.

Some medicines, drinks, and other items may require a temperature slightly higher than the freezing point so that they maintain their liquid shape. Any temperature higher or lower than that may ruin them. Therefore, you should know the desired temperature to store each item.

4.Look Out For Structural Damage

Structural damage to the cold storage facility can also ruin its effectiveness by disrupting the set temperature. Therefore, you should inspect the building from the inside as well as from the outside to maintain its effectiveness.

Discoloration, cracks, holes, and chipped paints may be a sign of structural damage. Fix them immediately to avoid any problems in the future. You should also look out for molds as well. Mold growth is high in cold storage areas. Take action to keep the mold out.

5.Use The Correct lighting

Light bulbs radiate heat and therefore alter the temperature of the room. Make sure that you are using the right bulbs for your cold storage facility. Normally, floodlights are used in cold storage rooms because they provide better luminance without increasing the temperature of the room.

Today, many cold storage facilities are relying on LED bulbs because they consume less energy and radiate less heat without compromising the illumination.

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