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Monday, November 19, 2018

The Race to Solar-Power Africa

The cacao-farming community of Daban, in Ghana, is seven degrees north of the equator, and it’s always hot. In May, I met with several...

What Makes China’s Economic Achievements Suited for Africa

As the world socio-economic scenario has been changed, exceeding the West , China has stood out to be a potential growth pole for developing...

Africa’s infrastructure gap has many roadblocks to overcome

Africa continues to face a massive infrastructure gap that impedes economic activity and progressive GDP output on the continent. The African Development Bank (AfDB)...

Africa poised for greatness — but governments must act fast

Conventional wisdom tells us that the Chinese are buying up Africa faster than any other investors. It tells us that African banking lags in...

How China’s $60 Billion For Africa Will Drive Global Prosperity

As a long-term investor and developer of infrastructure in West Africa, I have been tracking China’s courtship of African nations over the last decade....

Building the next generation through skills development

A massive skills shortage in Southern African countries lies at the heart of the challenge facing the construction industry in the region. While infrastructure...
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