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Basketball Betting Tips, Odds & Prediction

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Playing sports is popular among Kenyans. While the country is known for its impressive runners and soccer is immensely popular over there, other kinds of activities also have their place.

As an example, Kenya has a really powerful women’s swimming team. Playing rugby is quite common in this country as well. 

While less successful compared to the sports listed above, basketball is also a common thing to do among the Kenyan youth. 

Basketball first came to Kenya in the 1960’s. The sport is now officially represented by the Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF), and there are both men’s national team as well as the women’s one. The latter used to be quite powerful during the late 1980’s to middle 1990’s, taking second place in Africa’s Championship for Women in 1993. The men’s team has been less successful historically but it’s still not weak. 

Apart from participating, it’s also quite fun to bet on. The Internet is full of useful sources of information on wagering and making money from sports. For example, betsbest.ke is focused entirely on sports betting in Kenya. But this article will cover specifically basketball wagering.

Odds in Betting

The odds in betting mean the likelihood of a certain result of the game according to the bookmaker. This is usually based on the research of teams’ playing style, their recent failures and successes, as well as competitive analysis: where the odds are compared to what other bookmakers offer. If the game is predictable, choosing to bet on a stronger team to win will only result in a small profit for the player. 

Such research is usually done by professionals. Similarly to how the casinos operate, the bookmakers aim to be profitable and are dedicated to calculating the odds that will be attractive to the wagerers but will still result in breaking even if the things go wrong.

The Specifics of Basketball Wagering

Betting on basketball games is not much different from doing so on other sports: there are always things that are the same for competitive sports based around two teams trying to win. 

Moneylines are the simplest kind of bets. You just have to predict the result of the game. Over-unders and point spreads are other popular types of basketball wagers. Over-under totals involve guessing whether the total amount of points acquired by both teams will go above or below a certain number. Point spreads require bettors to predict a margin by which a team will win. This is likely the most popular type of bets in basketball.

Main Tips for Successful Basketball Betting 

  • Your knowledge, expertise and a professional approach. Become an expert in the sport. Learn its history and about the teams that are currently active. Analyze their recent games, loses, wins and draws. Find out their strengths as well as weaknesses. Check their schedule, the ones that play too often will likely be tired before the next game. You should keep up with the recent games, since one team can perform amazingly in one season and show poor results in the season after. And continue researching. The more involved you are in the process, the better chances are there for your betting activities to result in profit. 
  • Be patient and cold-minded. The losses and miscalculations will happen but it’s the only way to learn. These things occur in statistics-based things and there’s no single way for you to be perfectly accurate every single time. Don’t hurry and be calm. Don’t treat betting as a competition 
  • Set your budget. Figure out what you can afford to lose and prepare your budget for betting. Don’t spend the sums larger than you are able to. Gambling addiction is one of the worst things that can happen to any bettor. 
  • Track your betting successes and failures. Keeping a record of your activity is important: this way you can find out what you can improve and also how much money you’ve spent so far. 
  • Use different bookmakers, sometimes a couple of them at the same time. This is an important tactic for all successful bettors. This way you can always have the best offers to choose from instead of depending on the odds provided by only one bookmaker. Analyze the market and figure out what can be the best for you. 


It’s clear that the betting rules are quite simple and nearly the same for every kind of competitive sport. And basketball wagering can be a fun and profitable activity: with its fast-paced games, large fan base and a rich history of the sport. Despite being less popular than soccer, all platforms allow you to bet on it and there are games happening all around the world on a daily basis. 

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