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Uses of Hydraulic Excavators and Wheeled Loaders on Construction Sites

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Excavators and loaders are enormously used in small and large scale constructions. They are used for housing projects, commercial buildings, road constructions, and marine structures. Different types of excavators and loaders are used for various purposes.

Here are the uses of hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders on a construction site.

Material Handling

Hydraulic excavators and wheeled loaders are heavy machines that are an excellent choice for handling material on construction sites. They are like huge tractors that come with large buckets mounted on the front side, which are primarily used to scoop up materials, like concrete, rock, and soil.

Wheel loaders are generally recognized by the names of bucket loader, skip loader, front loader, front end loader, and scoop loader. Hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders are used in several industries to handle materials and heavy loads.


Excavators are exclusively used for dangerous building demolition. Hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders are much used for demolition projects on the construction site. They come with a heavy diesel engine that is perfect for this job. The hydraulic excavator is well-accepted machinery on mining and construction sites because it can offer excellent performance.

It is an ideal design machine, which is built with electronic, mechanical, and hydraulic components. If you are looking for complete demolition and the hydraulic attachment for your construction site, it is best that you contact a reliable provider like International Attachments.

Logging & Timber

Wheel loaders and hydraulic excavators are used on sites where a lot of logging and timbering is needed. These types of machinery are best-suited to move cut logs and stack all the wooden pieces in a pile.

For logging & timber projects, the front buckets or attachments on these machinery can be easily replaced with hydraulic grabs. This practice is needed to secure stronger grips while moving logs and piling pieces.

Wheel loaders are used to place all the woods on a truck. Logs are then transferred to a sawmill or factory. Wheel loaders are preferably used to load or unload the trucks. They are sometimes known as log stackers.

Clean Debris

Hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders are often seen in different construction zones. If you think about why it’s like that? Then, you should know that it is because of two features. First, they are heavy machines that are capable of handling any type of material.

Second, they come with tilt buckets attached on the front side that deliver maximum functions. So a hydraulic excavator can be used to level the ground of a construction area while a bucket can be used to clean debris. Wheel loaders and hydraulic excavators are frequently used to remove dirt, build material, and handle bricks.

Lifting & Placing of Pipes

It doesn’t matter if the construction is going on a commercial site or a residential site. A construction phase always involves a lot of activities and tasks. They require money, time, and effort. Each worker is assigned some tasks, depending on the schedule of a project. But, there are times in a construction phase when labor effort is not required/sufficient. It means tasks need to be completed with the help of heavy machines.

When it comes to lifting and placing pipes on a construction site, it is best to use wheel loaders or excavators rather than using the labor force.

The latter option can be costly and more time-taking. Loaders are capable of delivering more applications, such as stockpiling heavy materials, grabbing pipes with a pipe fork, and handling trash with refuse buckets.

It wouldn’t be wrong here to mention that wheel loaders and hydraulic excavators are valuable tools for the construction industry. And they can be conveniently used to lift and place massive pipes.

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