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Kenyan university launches100KW solar power plant

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A Kenyan university has launched the first phase of its Sh1.7 billion solar power plant allowing  the institution to generate its own electricity and offload excess power onto the national grid.

Kenyatta University says it has switched on the 100kw solar power plant in the first phase of the project which after completion will be a 10MW plant.

According to the Kenyan university extra power produced in phase two will be connected to the national grid a move aimed at financially boosting the institution.

France-based solar panels manufacturer Urbasolar has been spearheading the first phase of the project with financial support from the French government.

The pilot plant is capable of tracking the direction of the sun thus absorbing maximum energy during the day, says Urbarsolar president Arnaud Mine.

He said the technology used to make the plant allows for installation of a software that enables easy tracking of its contribution to the national grid.

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Kenyan Energy and Petroleum secretary Charles Keter said the country is on track to achieving universal electrification by 2020 thanks to the support of the French government.

“We have total commitments amounting to Sh50.16 billion for financing the last mile connectivity project and Sh150 billion in commitment for electrifying off-grid areas.

With support of development partners, we will achieve our objective of universal electrification by 2020,” he said.

1USD is equivalent to 103 Kenya Shillings.

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