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French firm Suez builds mega water production plant in Cameroon

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French engineering giant SUEZ has secured a contract to construct a mega water production plant in Cameroon, one of its largest drinking water plants in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The project is being carried in the capital Yaounde on behalf of Chinese firm SINOMACH-CMEC.

The contract, worth €43m, includes pumping of raw water into the river Sanaga, the building of the plant for over a 36-month period, the pumping stations and the transfer of the treated water to Yaoundé.

This operation will be financed by Eximbank of China and by the Cameroonian government within the scope of a larger and structuring project of over €650m.

The water production plant in Cameroon seeks to respond to the drinking water needs of the fast-growing population of Yaoundé, which today has nearly 3 million inhabitants, and will support the capital city’s economic development.

With a capacity of 300,000 m3/day, it will be one of the largest drinking water production plants built by the Group in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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SUEZ will be in charge of carrying out the engineering studies on the treatment plant, providing equipment, and supervising the assembly and commissioning of the plant. The Group will also be responsible for training the Cameroonian personnel.

The water production plant in Cameroon will integrate degrémont technologies such as Pulsatube and Aquazur, as these products guarantee excellent quality of the water produced, regardless of the quality and flow rate of the untreated water.

“We are proud of this partnership with the Cameroonian authorities, SINOMACH-CMEC and Eximbank of China in order to provide a technical and financial solution that best responds to the drinking water needs of the residents of Yaoundé,” said Marie-Ange Debon , Group Deputy CEO in charge of International segment.

“This project is a significant step forwards for the Group in Africa, and is in line with our strategy to support African cities in developing effective solutions to ensure their fast-growing populations have access to drinking water and sanitation,” she added.

SUEZ is thus strengthening its presence in Cameroon, where it has built the drinking water production plant in Akomiada (100,000 m3/day), and in Africa, a promising market for the Group.

Present on the continent since the construction of the La Djoué water treatment plant in Brazzaville in 1952, SUEZ has since built more than 500 drinking water and sanitation facilities, and continues to serve many of Africa’s capital cities, including Nairobi, Ouagadougou, Dar Es Salaam and Bamako.


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