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East African Community road project gets $1.5m grant

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African Development Bank(AfDB) has granted $ 1.5 million for the construction of East African Community road project, the community Secretariat has said.

The grant was confirmed through a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the African Development Bank East Africa Regional Resource Centre (EARC), and the East African Community (EAC).

Initial  Preparation Phase of the East African Community road road project includes; three key multinational road sections between Masaka-Mutukula stretching 89.5 kilometres in Uganda and Mutukula to Kyaka section (30km) as well as Bugene to Kasulo and to Kumunazi, stretching for 133 kilometres.

EAC is working towards tarmacking around 900 kilometres of the region’s road network annually in the ongoing robust plans for the upgrading of over 30,000 kilometres of roads in the six member states to bitumen over the next 33 years.

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That is among the developmental milestones contained in the EAC Vision 2050, which entails improved road networks, cited to be critical for industrialization and the movement of both people and goods.

Discovery of oil and gas East Africa and the need to enhance intra-trade has necessitated the need for better roads in the region. African Development Bank(AfDB) has been the main financier in this front.

The financier is currently involved in the construction of a major highway from Malindi Kenya to Tanzania.


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