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Contractors Registration Board of Tanzania:How to register

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Registration Procedure with Contractors Registration Board

Criteria for Registration of Contractors
Any contractor applying for registration or upgrading to a particular class will be evaluated on the basis of the criteria defined in the Section 10 of the Contractors Registration Act.
Basic Requirements
There are three basic requirements for any person or group of persons applying for registration as a contractor with the Contractors Registration Board; namely:
  • Such a person has a Certificate of Registration from the Registrar of Companies either as a Limited Company, partnership or sole proprietorship.
  • In the case of Limited Liability Company the Certificate must be accompanied with certified copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Partnership and sole proprietorship firms must submit certified copy of Extract from the Registrar of Companies
  • At least one of the shareholders or partners must have the minimum technical qualifications stipulated in Schedule and should not be employed elsewhere.
  • The Board will review the curriculum vitae of each shareholder or partner as the case may be to ensure that they are persons of good profession and general conduct.
  • The registration of Partnership and Sole Proprietorship are limited up to class six only.
  • Procedure for Registration or Upgrading of Contractors

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Applications for permanent registration

Applications for first registration and upgrading on permanent term shall be submitted on Form CRB-F1 and CRB-F2 issued by the Board on payment of application fee prescribed in table 13 of the second schedule.The dully filled application form should give the following information:
The company profile
  •  Applicants financial status, including liquidity, annual turnover and value of fixed assets supported by bank statement, audited accounts and assets valuation report
  •  Particulars of key personnel employed by the firm including their certified certificates, updated detailed CV and employment contracts.
  •  Particulars of equipment owned by the applicants supported by certified true card for their registration or proof of ownership.
  • Firm’s experience in the field of application indicating particulars of major projects executed in the last three years supported by copy of contracts and certificate of project completion.
  •  Names and qualifications of at least two referees who must be registered professionals.
  •  A signed declaration undertaking to comply with the conditions of registration and non-involvement in corrupt practices in Form CRB – F
  • Apart from the information each director / shareholder or partner will be required to fill a prescribed Curriculum vitae form to provide personal bio data, academic and professional training, and professional experience (see Form CRB – F6). Other attachments are listed at the end of the application form.

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Application for temporary registration

Any foreign firm intending to carry out a specific contract for which it has contracted shall submit to the Board the application on Form CRB – F3 upon payment of application fees as set out in the Schedule. A duly filled application form shall be accompanied with the following information:
The company profile
  •  Particulars of the contracted project
  •  Particulars of the key personnel engaged in the project including their profession and nationalities
  •  Particulars of equipment and plant deployed for the project
  •  Experience of the firm including particulars of the project executed over the last five years
  • Certificate of compliance from the registrar of companies
  • A letter from the client supporting the application
  •  An affidavit as shown in Form CRB – F10 declaring that once the firm has completed the specified contract, it shall wind up business and it shall engage in any other before applying for permanent registration
  •  A signed declaration that the firm shall not involve itself in corrupt practices and that it shall comply with all conditions of registration.
  • Application for temporary registration – Joint Venture
  • Any locally registered firm intending to form Joint Venture for express purpose to tender for specific project shall submit to the Board the application form CRB – F5 upon payment of non-refundable application fee as set out in the schedule.
A dully filled application form shall be accompanied with the following information:
  • Joint Venture agreement signed clearly indicating the leading company
  • Particulars of the project to be tendered
  • Particulars of key personnel to be engaged in the project including their profession and detailed curriculum vitae, certified academic/professional certificates and source of origin the JV.
  • Particulars of equipment and plant to be deployed for the project including certified true copy of the registration or any other proof and the source of origin the Joint Venture
  •  Applicant’s financial status including liquidity and value of fixed assets supported by bank statement and asset valuation report.
  • A signed declaration that the Joint Venture shall not involve itself in corrupt practices and it shall comply with all conditions of registration.
  • An affidavit as shown in form CRB-F6 declaring that once the JV has completed the specific contract, it shall windup business as JV and it shall not engage in any other project before applying for registration.

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Check List for Submitting a Complete Application for Registration

  •  A dully filled,signed and stamped application form CRB-F1
  •  Certificate of Incorporation or registration
  •  Proof of ownership of office i.e rent/lease agreement endorsed by advocate or certificate of occupancy if owned by one of shareholders/partners.
  •  Current business license if applying for upgrading/review.
  • Previous CRB registration certificate if applying for upgrading or review.CVs of shareholders/partners each with certified copy of share certificate and certified certicate of professional training (where applicable)
  • CVs of key personnel and certified copy of academic/professional certificate with respective employment contracts for each staff
  • Recently taken photograph of the technical director endorsed at the back by advocate (accompanied by certificate of service or letter from immediate past employer confirming that he/she is no longer an employee).
  • Certified true copies of registration cards/proof of ownership of plant and equipment (should bear the name of the firm or shareholders)
  • Firms experience i.e copies of contracts executed and respective certificates of projects completion – if applying for upgrading/review (three major projects supported by proof of project registration)
  • Report of audited Accounts for three consecutive years – if applying for upgrade/review
  • Certified current Bank statement (where applicable and should be within six months from the date of submission).
  • Proof of fixed assets ownership if any (i.e letter of offer and/title deed and asset valuation report prepared by registered valuer).
  • Dully filled and signed anti bribery pledge
  • Referees form (dully filled and signed)
  • Company memorandum and articles of association or extract from registrar of Brela.


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